Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wierd thoughts, no one pay any mind.

I was just thinking about how the human brain creates and recalls memory. It happened when i was plugging an AC plug into the wall( i was plugging in my laptop) and thought i saw that it was aligned correctly so that the three prong plug would slide perfectly into the slot. I was wrong, i had just seen in my mind, because i wasn't looking at the plug and when i did the light was down low. So this made me think that in my mind, when i was trying to visualize the plug and socket , there was a copy of a plug that i had seen somewhere else in my life. This may be a way for our brains to be able to remember so many things. It works somewhat like a video game with tile or object based backgrounds. The world around us is our background, and in our minds when it recreates the world around us it takes it's copy of that object and then fits it into the surroundings and makes it fit. Changes it's color if need be, and change other attributes about it. This also fits with how it's easier to visualize a familiar place, and how when encountering a new place usually results in distorted memories of the new place when comparing those initial memories to the real life attributes of the place at a later visit.